Finding Our Rhythm

January 8, 2013

rhythm_20132012 was a year full of chaos and commotion (but the good kind of chaos and commotion). We totally lost our rhythm around June and never got it back. In this home, we thrive on rhythm; all of us.

2013 is going to be different. No big trips planned. No houses to buy. No pets to adopt. Just simple and happy days.


We are a Waldorf-Inspired home, which only makes sense that we have a Waldorf-Inspired Daily Rhythm Chart! (A physical chart that I painted. It hangs in our kitchen)

It looks something like this:

Monday: Baking (usually bread; sometimes muffins)

Tuesday: Painting (with washable paints or watercolors)

Wednesday: Crafting (a seasonally inspired craft)

Thursday: Drawing (colored pencils, or crayons)

Friday: Modeling (with beeswax, clay, or playdough)

Saturday: Errands

Sunday: Rest


Not only is my toddler entertained for these 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes but she is also being creative in her own quirky little way.

She is also learning all about cleaning up after oneself; and how to properly care for things like paintbrushes, clay, etc.

It also gives me a little art therapy as well. Not matter how stressful a day I may be having, sitting down to paint or sketch (or what have you) helps to release it.

**When it comes to painting, I choose the colors for her. Sometimes it’s just one color. Sometimes it’s two (or three). We tried the whole ‘You Pick The Colors” game and it always leads to a meltdown…so, I choose. Too many choices can be a bit overwhelming for a 2 year old.**


Our daily activity usually begins after breakfast (filling up the space before nap time) and sometimes comes back around after nap. It depends on the day (and the mood of my toddler). It’s all very free and easy; yet still retains a bit of structure.

It feels nice to have our rhythm back. Here’s hoping it stays.




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    Sounds good. And, I love that wispy ponytail!

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