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My Messy Life

January 8, 2014


DSC_0115My life is messy. Like, really messy.

I feel like, sometimes I give off the vibe that my life is full of sunshine and rainbows, and spotless floors. This is not so. If you have ever felt like “Wow! How does she do it all?!” Answer is, I don’t. You can either have a clean house, or a kid-centered house…you cannot have both (simultaneously). At least, I can’t seem to figure that out.


We have great days, and not so great days. The greatest of days leave me with the craziest of messes.


In 2014, I hope to “embrace the mess”. Typically, the chaos and mess makes me a bit twitchy. Sure, there are days when I clean it all and look around at the end of the day proud of this tidy dwelling…but those are also the days that we miss out on moments of togetherness. I get caught up in the cleanliness, and the fun mommy moments take a back seat. I don’t want them to take a back seat. ever.


Im hoping to make this year all about connections. Connections with my loved ones. Connections to myself. Connections to the world around me.

rhythm chart

I know the day will come when I do have a clean house most of the time; but that will also mean that the little people who occupy my days will be grown, no longer interested in my crafts, play things, or silly games. Until then, the mess remains.






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  • Reply Susie/Mom January 8, 2014 at 1:53 pm

    That’s awesome. I will say this; my house was a total wreck when my kids were growing up, but whatever mistakes I made, and I’m sure there were huge ones, one mistake I didn’t make was putting housekeeping before adventure time. And I don’t regret that one bit!

  • Reply Steph January 15, 2014 at 10:46 pm

    Beautiful post, friend! I also get caught up in “needing” a clean house at times, but I do so much more enjoy the time spent making those messes!

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