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Making Ice Ornaments

January 29, 2014


Winters in Wisconsin are cold, but this year feels almost unbearably frigid (thanks, Polar Vortex).

Staying cooped up in the house because of the temperatures has begun to make us a bit stir crazy.


Luckily, we’ve been keeping busy with simple winter crafts.

One of our favorites this year is simple ice ornaments.


We assembled them in our kitchen, then placed the mold outside to freeze (since it’s colder outside than in our freezer).

Within a few hours, we have a solid ice ornament to hang in the front yard.

Even in winter, we can still connect with the natural world outside.

We chose food items for our ornaments that the squirrels and birds would enjoy: nuts, orange and lemon slices, seeds, etc


Here’s what you’ll need to make your own ice ornaments:

-a mold of some sort. We used a thrifted bundt pan. It’s small, which is perfect for this project.

-items to add to the ornament (we used oranges, lemons, and nuts. Herbs and evergreens would also be beautiful)

-water (about 2 cups)

-kitchen twine

Assemble the ornaments on a flat work surface (like the kitchen floor). Set outside (or in the freezer) for several hours; until it has frozen solid. Hang on a tree branch, preferably near a window, and enjoy the beauty.


Once the sun melts the ice, the contents will fall to the ground; feeding your neighborhood birds and squirrels. They’ll thank you.

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