Being Present

December 3, 2014


In case you haven’t noticed, I never finished that photo-a-day project.

I found that the more grateful I felt, the less I wanted to spend time online. I wanted to spread that gratitude around in the real world. So, after 15 days of trying to follow through on a project 1 put down the camera and decided to be present.

You know what? It was liberating.

Even now, I really don’t want to be sitting at my computer writing this. I want to be quiet and still. My own form of hibernation.

Our little family is preparing for a simple and quiet holiday season, and a possibly chaotic 2015 with lots of travel. In order to prepare ourselves for that, I’ve decided to put all other projects on hold.

Blogging is on hold.

The photo business is on hold.

Craft projects are on hold.

Planning elaborate ANYTHING is on hold.

Running ourselves ragged is on hold.

We’re going to focus on being together and enjoying the present time.

I may touch back in before the end of December…but I may not.

Enjoy the remainder of your year. Reflect on all that you have accomplished this year, and all the ways you hope to grow in 2015.

Don’t be afraid to hibernate. It’s kind of awesome.




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