Summer Break

September 5, 2015
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Why yes, I have been hiding under a rock for nearly all of Summer.

Actually, this year feels like one of our craziest and most whirlwind years thus far and after a BANANAS-crazy winter and spring, I decided to take some time off in order to regroup and reflect on the direction I was heading (in all things, not just this blog).

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I feel compelled to start back up with blogging now that summer is (nearly) behind us and we’ve “unofficially” started 4K at home with JBird. We have so many great projects we are working on that it seems a shame to NOT share them with the world. Plus, the blog will be a nice way to document our journey into homeschooling; plus maybe helping others in their journey along the way too.

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Brief Summer Catch Up:

-Daddy Bear officially started a new job in June. Same company. Awesome opportunity. Definitely a jump in the right direction.

-Weeklong trip to Ohio was great! The girls loved it and it was wonderful to spend time in the woods with family.

-We were in PA and NY nearly ALL of July for a trip back home. Great times. Two weddings in one day. Surprisingly relaxing trip.

-Hosted and EPIC BBQ for friends in August. A great reminder how lucky we are to be surrounded by such amazing people.

-Built a Pergola and finished the front deck! After 3 years of living in our house, it finally feels like we have roots down.  There is also never enough time to finish all the projects we want to accomplish. We shall see what the rest of the year brings (maybe a kitchen makeover?).



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