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Favorite Parenting Books for Creativity and Learning

January 21, 2015


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I take a creative approach to parenting. This probably explains why I’m drawn to parenting books that encourage parents to get creative in order to evoke deep thinking in their children. We’re a very sensory and play based home. There are lots of happy messes, art projects, and various play scenes constantly being built up (or torn down) in every room of the house

In a tech heavy world, I still get most of my parenting inspiration from actual books. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Pinterest and use it frequently to get ideas for daily activities, but it’s just not the same as flipping through beautiful pages of carefully designed book on creativity. With a real book, I can feel the author’s creativity jump right off the pages and into whatever plane of existence my own creativity is pulled from; something I don’t really experience from staring at a computer screen.

When I was just starting out on my mama journey, I found You Are Your Child’s First Teacher to be incredibly influential. It helped to cement in my head just how important and special these early parenting years are. It also gave me some great ideas for play activities with a baby who was only a couple of months old at the time. Sometimes, when I’m feeling too scattered and exhausted to make another day at home count, I check out this book from the library and feel a great sense of reassurance wash over me. It’s an awesome book.

I frequently reference Seven Times the Sun for daily rhythm ideas and it was my main inspiration for putting together Mealtime Verses and a Healing Basket. I stumbled upon the book in a thrift store, and knowing exactly what kind of treasure it was I bought it as quick as I could.

Here is a list of my favorite parenting and teaching resources:

Dad’s Book of Awesome Science Experiments- Mike Adamick

You Are Your Child’s First Teacher- Rahima Baldwin Dancy

The Creative Family- Amanda Blake Soule

The Handmade Home-Amanda Blake Soule

Rhythm of Family- Amanda Blake Soule

Playful Learning- Mariah Bruehl

Festivals Family and Food- Diana Carey and Judy Large

Seven Times the Sun- Shea Darian

Tinkerlab-Rachelle Dooley

Maker Dad- Mark Frauenfelder

The Write Start- Jennifer Hallissy

The Artful Parent; Jean Van’t Hul

Baking Bread with Children- Warren Lee Cohen

Junk Drawer Physics-Bobby Mercer

Show Me A Story- Emily K. Neuburger

 Beyond the Rainbow Bridge-Barbara J. Patterson and Pamela Bradley

Art Lab for Little Kids-Susan Schwake

I usually have a combination of at least 5 of these books checked out from the library at any given time. My favorites are: Play Learning, Rhythm of Family, Tinkerlab, and The Artful Parent; with Playful Learning being my go-to reference book when I feel like I’m in a creative parenting slump or need some new ideas for play space layout. It’s a beautiful book.


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Holiday Giveaway: The Unhealthy Truth by Robyn O’Brien

December 17, 2011

I had every intention of baking cookies this week.

That did not happen.

In fact, I’m kind of over Christmas cookies. More specifically, I’m over constantly eating cookie dough. I might need some sort of intervention. It’s bad.

Instead of baking, I started cleaning out my bookshelves. A totally unnecessary task, but fun just the same.

I’ve pulled out a whole pile of foodie-related books and magazines that I’ve collected over the years.


I get a tidier, de-cluttered bookshelf and YOU get a new book to read! What fun!

As my Christmas gift to you, I’m giving away the book: The Unhealthy Truth by Robyn O’Brien.

It’s all about the link between food allergies (and other illnesses) and GMOs (Genetically Modified Foods).

It’s definitely an eyeopening read!

Here’s what you need to do to enter:

-leave a comment on the blog telling me how food allergies have impacted your life (either your own, personal struggle with food allergies or if there is someone that you love who struggles with food allergies on a daily basis…or maybe food allergies have no impact on your life what so ever..share that too).

-I will be accepting comments until 11:59pm Central Time on Sunday (12-18-11). 

A winner will be selected at random and announced Monday morning!

Good Luck and Happy Holidays!

**I am in no way affiliated with Robyn O’Brien or her book The Unhealthy Truth. This book was purchased with my own money and I was in no way compensated for this giveaway.**